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kia kaha mama

mana wahine toa


Kaniwa Kupenga-Tamarama

Registered Midwife & Certified Life Coach

Nau mai, haere mai ki tenei wāhi haumaru 

Welcome to the Kia Kaha Mama Website!


It is no coincidence that you have come across Kia Kaha Mama, as it shows that you are looking for a bit more tautoko (support) during your journey as a Mama.

I am a registered Midwife in Aotearoa, New Zealand and have attained my Life Coaching Diploma.

My journey during 2021 consists of completing my postgraduate diploma in Midwifery and commencing my Masters Degree.

Blending 15 years of clinical experience within Midwifery, alongside my own personal experiences as a Mama/Wahine with a strong upbringing in traditional Mātauranga Maori and Tikanga. 


I offer any wahine a holistic health coaching service that specializes in empowering MANA and awakening the Goddess within (Wahine Toa).

No matter how many times we enter the sacred realm of hapūtanga (pregnancy), we walk between physical and spiritual worlds, a gift only wāhine as 'Te Whare Tangata' have been bestowed through our wombs.

What we (wahine) do and experience during pregnancy - post birth, and raising our tamariki will impact upon our families for the next 20-40 years! Yes that's right mama, read that again.


Remember, reinstate and revitalize Mama that you are Tapu whilst Hapū. Our pēpi are born tapu and our children remain tapu.

The Kia Kaha Mama program envisions to empower all wāhine who enter the realm of hapūtanga, are strong, healthy and confident to birth their pepi and to care for them in a protective and positive manner that strengthens attachment and bonding.

Contact me to learn more and start your journey to reclaim your personal power, self-love and self-investment practices, empowering you to build resilience and create, gestate, transform, birth and nuture without fear.

Mā te Io e manaaki,  Kaniwa xo

Services I Specialize in;


Personal Development 


Fertility Education Classes

Hapūtanga: Pregnancy Education Classes


Holistic Postnatal Recovery Therapies




The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Kaniwa gently showed me after the birth of my son that I was in a relationship that did not value me, as a partner or as the mother of our new baby. She went above and beyond, cooking me food to eat, after I had given birth and had returned home. I had no family support and my (ex) partner worked on the farm. I learnt that I'm the architect of my own and my baby's future. I command my own value. Kaniwa sparked strength into me and she taught me how to exit safely a relationship riddled with domestic abuse, she kept in touch until I was safe with my family. I will never forget what you have done for me= and my baby.

CJ, Australia

Kaniwa is the “Kaha” in Kia Kaha Mama. She reminds me every day to step into my Kaha, my Mana and embrace all there is to being Wahine Māori. Sometimes we forget about the strength that we have, but Kaniwa will make sure you never forget you have it! Kia Kaha Mama embraces living life purposefully!

Cheanne, Gisborne

After having a traumatic birth as a 16 year old Mama to a prem baby, I didn't know that birth could be so EMPOWERING. She helped me to navigate through my pregnancy, I genuinely felt cared for and so did my friends and clients I knew who had been cared for by her too.  Kaniwa helped me to see the power within me and change the way I had looked at birth. My journey with her, provided me with a healing birth experience, which directly impacted upon me as a Mama and allowed me to deeply  bond with my daughter.

Tiare, Auckland

Wāhine Toa Mātauranga


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Phone: +64 21 028 91937

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