Services I Provide

Have you heard the phrase "how can you love others if you can't love yourself?"

Many of us grow so passionately into our roles as Mama's that we can loose a bit of ourselves (with each child) and come to a point where we become really good at putting the needs of others before ourselves. In true Her-o form, we do it at a compromise - our own health.


Engaging in the services I provide can lead you on an empowering journey of reclamation, valuing self love as a priority and engaging regularly in practices that will fill your own Love cup, and rippling the benefits of your self-love to all those around you!


Positive maternal mental health is evident to benefit her whānau (family).

Inbalanced maternal mental health is also evident to be detrimental to her whānau.


Personal Development 

As a trained Life Coach, my speciality is upon improving the holistic well-being of the Mama, whether she be an expectant Mama, Newbie Mama, Experienced Mama or Nanny.

As we cater to the needs and demands of our whānau, we can forget about investing back into ourselves, leading to chronic fatigue, depression and burn out! Making life less joyful and magical for us and all those aroun us.

If you truly love your whānau and want to offer the best version of ourself to them, or your at a cross road point and needing support to refocus on your goals, or life purpose,  then get in contact with me to learn more!

AwhitiaMihaere: Traditional Māori Rongoā Practitioner

Sean Hamilton: Māori Midwife

Kaniwa Kupenga-Tamarama: Māori Midwife

Kaniwa's daughters;Arianna holding Amaia


Fertility Education Classes

This workshop is designed to be delivered to young wahine shortly after they have entered into the sacred realm of Hine te Iwaiwa.

Learning about the physical fucntions of Te Whare Tangata and the spiritual essence it holds will empower our wāhine to value their procreation abilities and choose when and how to manaaki whakapapa.

Participants will also be exposed to Ikura products that are Whenua and Papatūānuku friendly.

Hapūtanga: Pregnancy Education Classes

Becoming a mama can be exciting, scary and daunting all at the same time.

I invite all mama's to gain access to the Hapūtanga Wānanga to become prepared for their journey through pregnancy, labour, processes of birth and life with your new baby.

We go into detail about the processes of normal birth and explore natural pain relief and medical pain relief options.

Educating Mama's, partner's and the support team to best prepare themselves for their journey in welcoming their precious baby into Te Ao Marama.

Learning how to hold, feed, change nappies, cord care and living with a newborn, plus all the FIRST's post birth; food, sleep, shower, mimi, stitches, teko, mobilising and the car ride home!

Come learn in an online platform, participate in your own time and start preparing for your new chapter!

See you soon Mama x


Fertility Education Classes

Hapūtanga: Pregnancy Education Classes




Entering into the sacred realm of Hine te Iwaiwa is marked by the onset of your ikura. 

What we learn during our time within this realm can be shared with others to empower their journey.

To go forward, we must look at the past, heal within the present to continue to protect our whakapapa into the future.

On the Wāhine Wānanga, we retreat from our every day lives and reconnect with Papatūānuku, Rongoā, Te Whare Tangata and readjust our Crowns to continue to walk like the Goddess' we are back into Te Ao Marama.

"Inā ka ora te wāhine, ka ora te whānau,

ka ora te hapū, ka ora te Iwi,

ka ora te whenua"

When women are in good health, the family, community and lands flourish.


Holistic Postnatal Recovery Therapies

It takes a whole year to fully recover from the hapūtanga and birthing process.

Transitioning from being one to two, places a huge demand upon the Mama, who needs a village of support wrapped around her to keep her mentally, physically and spiritually well.

In this workshop, we focus on recovery therapies for wāhine who have recently birthed.

This workshop is recommended to anyone who will be in an intimate space to support mama's and  maintain holistic well-being, as well as mama's themselves.

Nourishing Nutrition, Sleep, Mental Health, Socializing needs, Breastfeeding, Pelvic floor, and returning back to work are topics that are covered.